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  • Free Golden Oldies Cat Clinics
  • Free Golden Oldies Cat Clinics
  • Free Golden Oldies Cat Clinics

Cats today are living longer, healthier lives than ever before and it is not unusual for us to see cats in their late teens and twenties! Our goal is to work with you so your cat can be happy and healthy to enjoy these golden years. We invite you and your senior cat for a free Golden Oldie appointment with one of our Qualified Veterinary Nurses.

During this appointment the nurse will:

  • Go through your completed questionnaire. This will highlight any areas where we are looking for the early signs of many age related conditions.
  • Take a blood pressure reading, which looks for abnormal blood pressure. If left untreated high blood pressure can cause significant damage to the kidneys and eyes but without any obvious sign of problems.
  • Perform a weight check. Any changes will be noted and advice can be given on recommended diets.

As part of this free check-up we will test a sample of your cat's urine. This is a simple but very helpful test that can easily detect early signs of kidney problems and diabetes. Please call into us before your appointment and collect a bag of special cat litter to help collect a urine sample; then bring this sample with you to your appointment. Call us on 01344 450345 or

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