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  • Cat Clinic Services
  • Cat Clinic Services
  • Cat Clinic Services
  • Cat Clinic Services
  • Cat Clinic Services

inside the cat clinic building at moor cottage vets in bracknell

At Moor Cottage Vets in Bracknell, we offer a dedicated Cat Clinic in a separate building next to our main practice. Your cat will have access to excellent cat care and facilities with us, with bespoke services including:

  • A building designed with cats in mind.
  • A calm, quiet waiting area with calming blankets for carriers and pheromone diffusers.
  • A vet visit is much more than a clinical exam - most of the consult is dialogue with the cat carer. We have a spacious consulting room where your cat can securely wander around (or hide away!) whilst this takes place.
  • Cat nip and treats on demand, if appropriate, to take your cat's mind off being at the vet's.
  • Calm and cat-friendly trained staff who know how to address your cat's needs.
  • A further qualified cat vet (Mary) who holds a certificate in Feline Veterinary Studies.
  • Preventative health checks to address the unique stage of life your cat is in and how we can help avoid disease or detect it early to make a big difference to your cat.
  • Nutrition advice.

All the usual facilities that are available in our main building, including: dental xrays, operating theatre (for all primary care surgeries), endoscopy, blood & urine testing, blood pressure, tonometry (glaucoma test).

A cat ward for inpatients and those waiting for surgery and recovering from surgery which is quiet and warm, with environmental enrichment in mind in each kennel.

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