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  • Pet Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Pet Insurance

Pets can become ill or injured despite all our efforts to care for them and with no NHS for pets, you could have to face potentially large, unexpected bills.

Pet insurance allows you to budget monthly so that you can concentrate on looking after your pet instead of worrying about the bill. With a one in three chance that your pet will require unexpected veterinary treatment in the next twelve months, we strongly advise pet insurance.

At Moor Cottage we know what a difference insurance can make to a patient and their owner. Whilst we have all the latest equipment and knowledge to help your pet get better, we appreciate that treatment can be expensive.

Please ask at reception for more details and take advantage of our four week free insurance offer for rabbits, cats and dogs under the age of 12 months which activates at the first vet health check at Moor Cottage.

Please note that as with house and motor insurance policies not all pet insurance offers the same cover.

With many of the budget policies there is the downside of a hefty % excess and/or a limited claim period for any one condition, e.g. 12 months which is not helpful when your pet develops a lifelong condition at a young age.

Please always read the small print of any policy carefully before you sign up - ideally you are looking for cover for life.