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  • Nurse Clinics available at Moor Cottage Vets
  • Nurse Clinics available at Moor Cottage Vets
  • Nurse Clinics available at Moor Cottage Vets
  • Nurse Clinics available at Moor Cottage Vets
  • Nurse Clinics available at Moor Cottage Vets

Our Registered Veterinary Nurses run a range of nurse clinics to provide help and advice for pet owners.

The veterinary nursing team at Bracknell Vets, are passionate about supporting you and your pets. Nurse clinics are an excellent option to get advice and assistance for a wide range of preventative healthcare, as well as support with managing health conditions.

Veterinary nurses can support you with advice (within these clinics) about caring for your pet on a variety of areas such as:

  • Senior health care - caring for older pets
  • Nutrition and weight management - planning a nutritious diet
  • Post-operative care - what to do after an operation
  • Dental care - keeping teeth and gums healthy

They can also administer some treatments including:

  • Second vaccinations
  • Various medications
  • Applying flea, tick and worming treatment
  • Microchipping

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Finally, there are many procedures that veterinary nurses can complete during a nurse clinic. For example, wound management (redressing and reapplying bandages) and nail clipping to name just a couple.

As you can see, there are many areas our veterinary nurses can help you with during a nurse clinic, please get in touch to find out more!

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Some services incur charges and certain nurse clinics are only available at certain branches due to space and facilities.

Having qualified and trainee Veterinary Nurses who between them have a wealth of knowledge and experience, allows our team here at Moor Cottage to run a number of FREE CLINICS to help and support our clients with the care of their pets. The majority of advice relates to preventative care and keeping your pet in the ideal condition.

Nurse appointments can be also made for some general check-ups, clipping nails and administering of medication – we also recommend them for routine wound checks and suture removal; dressing checks and changes, behaviour clinics and post dental checks.

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Our nurse clinics include:

We currently offer the following nurse consults:

Dental clinics

Target audience - Puppies and Kittens
Demo on tooth brushing, information on the importance of keep teeth and gums healthy, dental product recommendation

Senior clinics

Cats and dogs from 8 years
• Blood pressure, bloods, urinalysis
• Diet and exercise discussion and weight management
• Clinical exam from nurse
These clinics can help detect problems early and pain assessment.
Common illnesses with elderly pets include chronic kidney disease, hypertension, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, dental disease arthritis and Cushing’s disease.

Weight clinics

Monthly weight clinics until pet reaches ideal weight for them.
Discussion on risks of obesity and health concerns
Tips and tricks to help get weight off


• Nurse clinic for newly diagnosed diabetic, shows o how to give insulin, information and signs about diabetes
• Nurse to show o how to carry out blood glucose readings a home
• Nurse to fit Freestyle Libre

Blood Pressure clinic

Blood pressure checks from cats from 7 years old.
Feline hypertension is common with an estimated incidence risk of 1 in 5 cats from 9 years.
If a cat has high blood pressure that is left untreated it can cause severe damage to their organs.
High blood pressure can cause sudden onset blindness and eye problems, kidney problems, heart problems such as murmurs, central nervous problems such as seizures and behavioral changes.
Cats can get secondary hypertension with chronic kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.

Puppy and kitten consults

Provides 5 sessions, 1 session each week.
A new topic at each session to include, health check, advice on insurance, flea and wormer, vaccinations, diet, exercise, neutering advise, desensitization, behaviors and socialization and helpful tips and information to look after a puppy and kitten.

6-month health checks

Nurse will do general health check with no issues, will need to have vet appointment if o has concerns. This is for healthy cats and dogs only.
Nurse health check
Weight check and management, body condition scores
Dental check
flea and wormer
neutering advice
Blood pressure, blood test and urinalysis can also be done at this time

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For more information about our Nurse Clinics please call us on 01344 450345