Braveheart – Bexley’s story

One of our canine patients, Bexley, got in a bit of an unlucky situation earlier this  year when he got his legs trapped in a garden bench. The fire brigade were called in order to set Bexley free with the help of the out of hours vets who came out to give him a sedative.

Bexley had a number of wounds over both front legs after his accident, some down to the bone. Fortunately his x-rays confirmed that there were no broken bones. He was admitted to the out of hours vets for pain relief and treatment for shock. Bexley then came to Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital the following day.

Bexley came in to see us every day for over a week to have a sedation, treatment and cleaning of his wounds, and redressing and bandaging. He wore little dog boots to protect his bandages when outside and also to stop him being able to interfere with them.

10 days after the accident happened, Bexley had a general anaesthetic and surgery to remove all the damaged tissue from his wounds. Manuka honey was used in his dressings to help with the healing process. We used laser therapy on Bexley twice a week, and he had daily bandage changes under sedation for another week so we could monitor his wounds closely. We thought that Bexley might end up needing a skin graft to help the wounds heal fully, but fortunately that did not end up being required.

After a while, with the healing going so well, we were able to extend the dressings to every two days, and then to twice a week. I’m sure Bexley was happy about this as it meant he could have some days off from his vet visits.

Here are some photographs of Bexley’s road to recovery.

After nearly two months of bandage changes and treatment we are so pleased that Bexley has been signed off and his legs have healed beautifully.

Everyone at Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital loves Bexley and we are all so pleased he can get back to his happy daily routine. He was so well behaved throughout his treatment and we all miss seeing him nearly every day!