Free nurse advice appointments to give pet owners peace of mind

We are offering pet owners peace of mind in Bracknell with free advice sessions on looking after new puppies and kittens.

These appointments, aim to give new and existing pet owners support on what to expect from their new family member.

The sessions will include advice and information on:

  • toilet training,
  • behaviour,
  • nutrition,
  • insurance
  • microchipping and
  • flea control and worming.

Our Peace of Mind Clinic consultations last 30 minutes and start from 13th January and will run weekly every Thursday at 12pm-1pm & 3.45pm-4.45pm.

Book an appointment online or call us on 01344 450345

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into the home in Bracknell can be daunting even for existing owners but especially for those taking on their first pet.

We decided to start running the sessions after we noticed a huge rise in the number of clients we were seeing with new puppies or kittens and they proved very popular.

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A typical consultation would begin with a discussion about the pet, followed by a weigh and body condition score to set a target for the pet’s ideal weight.

The nurse will then talk through daily routine healthcare and behaviour tips, including diets, the importance of continual worming, defleaing, vaccinations and not only microchipping, but keeping chip details updated, all of which will help prevent problems in the future.

UK law states that every dog over eight weeks old is microchipped and the contact details on the microchip kept up-to-date and on a government-approved register.

Nurses advise owners on safety and security measures but each appointment is tailored to suit the needs of the pet and owner, and we will welcome any health or behavioural questions.

We also offer additional aids, including training handouts, dietary plans and insurance leaflets.

To find out more the peace of mind appointments, and to book visit our online booking page or call 01344 450345.