May Braveheart – Nugget

Nugget was chosen as our Brave Heart recipient because of her astonishing recovery from a terrible accident and her courage and bravery during this time.

Nugget first came to see us as a baby for her vaccinations in 2016. She had a laparoscopic spey in 2017 but other than that has been very healthy.

In April this year she was involved in a road accident involving a van. Nugget ran head first into the van, whose driver was amazed when she was still alive after the impact.

Nugget was rushed into Moor Cottage and was examined by Olivia, one of our vets.

Nugget was surprisingly unshaken by the incident; she was stable and had no neurological deficits.

Olivia ran some blood tests to check for internal organ damage and haemorrhage then Nugget was placed on an intravenous drip to counteract the shock and prescribed some strong pain relief.

Nugget stayed with us overnight and was closely monitored by our hospital night nurse at all times.

The following day Nugget was deemed stable enough for Sally, another of the Moor Cottage vets, to anaesthetise Nugget in order to obtain some x rays of her chest, abdomen and her right hock which was swollen.

We were all relieved when nothing untoward was discovered and Nugget was discharged later that day with antibiotics and pain relieving medication.

Fifteen days later, after strict rest and medication, Nugget was examined by Alan, one of our clinical directors.

Although her hock was still slightly swollen she had made a miraculous recovery.

Nugget may still have to have a CT scan of her hock, which we would refer her for, but otherwise she has had a lucky escape.

Nugget has made a lasting impression on all who looked after her. She truly has a Brave Heart.

Nugget with bracknell vets