Owners warned of grass seed dangers for dogs

A leading Bracknell vet is urging pet owners across the county to be aware of the dangers of grass seeds to dogs this summer.

Alan Hutchinson, acting co-clinical director at Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital, in Binfield, said he has already started to see incidents of dogs being adversely affected after coming into contact with seeds.

They can become lodged in dogs’ feet, ears and eyes, and the arrow shaped grains have sharp barbs which can get caught in the fur and then burrow through the skin and into deeper body tissues.

There have even been cases of seeds travelling as far as the chest or spine.

Alan said: “Grass seeds seem like such a harmless thing but they really aren’t and dog owners need to be alert to the dangers.

“Removing a grass seed from a dog can be time-consuming and costly as the wound must be explored under anaesthetic, using crocodile forceps to try and find the seed.

“Grass seeds are one of the most common problems encountered by dogs with fields and meadows filled with them this time of year.

“To try and protect your dog, check the fur around the feet and ears after a walk and keep the feathery fur between their toes trimmed to help avoid seeds becoming snagged.

“If you suspect your dog has a seed embedded in it, then you should contact your vet immediately.”

He added: “Cats can also be affected by grass seeds, most commonly seen getting lodged into the eye.

“This is extremely painful with a risk of perforating the eye, any signs of eye discomfort from your cat should be checked by your vet urgently.”

Protect your pets from grass seeds this summer.
Protect your pets from grass seeds this summer.