Nell – Dog braveheart December 2019

Nell a 9-year old Jack Russell Terrier was seen on 8th November having had some lameness occur.

dog-nell-bracknell-vetsShe was seen by a vet here at Moor Cottage to address the issue of why she wasn’t putting weight on one of her back legs. On clinical examination nothing abnormal was detected and Nell was sent home with some pain relief, anti-inflammatory medication and strict rest to treat a suspected sprain injury. If this did not resolve Nell would need to return to us for some imaging (Radiographs).

On 13th November poor Nell made a return visit as her lameness was not improving on her current treatment plan. Nell underwent sedation so we could obtain some radiographs of her hind legs. Nell had some previous surgery carried out on her right hind limb, however this time her left hind limb was of concern. The radiograph of Nell’s left hind revealed a stifle effusion, a build up of fluid within the joint space of her knee. This can result in swelling and distension of the joint, in turn causing discomfort. Nell’s diagnosis was cranial cruciate ligament disease, which results in complete instability of the stifle joint. This is due to a sudden or progressive failure of the cranial cruciate

Unfortunately, this was not good news for Nell, the Vet who carried out Nell’s imaging called and spoke with an Orthopaedic surgeon for them to interpret the radiographs and confirm diagnosis.

The specialist responded to us after assessing the radiographs confirming the diagnosis. Nell needed surgery to repair and stabilise her joint. This would then hopefully resolve her lameness and make her more comfortable. The surgery that Nell required was a Cranial Cruciate wedge Osteotomy (CCWO). This was scheduled for 25th November here at Moor Cottage and the surgery was performed by an external Orthopaedic surgeon.

healthy-nell-bracknell-vetsNell spent the night here at Moor Cottage following her surgery so we could monitor her closely in recovery and ensure she was comfortable. We were able to deliver optimum levels of pain relief to her to aid a smooth recovery. Nell was discharged the following day on pain relief, anti-inflammatory medication and seven weeks of strict cage rest. For Nell this meant no running, jumping, stairs, sofas or walks.

Nell has been back in to visit us on multiple occasions post operatively and is doing really well! We are so pleased for her; she continues to be excited and waggy tailed whenever she comes in to see us. Nell is always a very sweet and happy patient despite the circumstances of her being here.
Well done Nell, you deserve your bravery award and we hope you continue to improve on your journey of recovery!