September Braveheart – Lilly

Lilly, a 14 year old cat, was brought in by his owner due to anorexia, increased vocalisation and lethargy. The owner noticed a vital change in his routine, which was him urinating and drinking more frequently. Due to these symptoms Lilly was admitted, put on intravenous fluids to make up the loss of vital nutrition and a full in-house blood profile was taken for further investigation.

sept19-braveheart-bracknell-vetsThanks to the observations of the owner regarding the changes in his routine and the laboratory results the veterinary surgeon was able to make the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus and treatment could be started.

Our nurse tempted him with yummy food, monitored his blood glucose level hourly and administered insulin, which he bravely tolerated very well. After only one day of hospitalisation improvements could be seen.

Lilly was eager to go home and thanks to his very loving owners, who are willing to continue treatment at home he was able to leave the hospital and return home. When he was discharged the veterinary surgeons and nurses ensured the owners were happy and confident to inject Lilly with insulin as this is a regimented treatment plan for the owners to commit to.

Lilly is a very lucky cat having loving owners who are willing and able to give him the vital injections and treatment he needs. This requires AM and PM injections at the same time daily.

Lilly is also super brave having his blood glucose checked via a pin prick on his ear to test his blood sugar levels. He is a well known patient and has lots of fuss when he comes to the hospital.

We hope Lilly continues to respond well to treatment and lives a happy life.